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    Roof Restoration & Renovation – Epping

    If you’re tired of a dingy, dripping or dirty roof, Seven Roofing has the solution for you! We offer a wide range of roofing services to Epping residents that will have your roof looking amazing and functioning perfectly again. From roof leak repairs or roof restoration to gutter replacements, our expert team can make sure your roof is in pristine condition.


    Roof Restoration & Replacement Melbourne

    Our roof repair and restoration services allow Epping home and business owners the ability to totally transform their roof while maintaining the frame, drastically reducing the total cost. We will remove the shingles, metal or tiling cover, then inspect and repair the frame, then finally install new roofing.

    With professional roof renovation services, you can choose a brand new style for your roof without the hassle of complete roof re-installation, making it a top option for roofs with good structural integrity that just need a facelift.

    roof renovation services

    Roof Repairs and Painting

    When you notice a cracked tile, lifting metal sheeting, chipping paint or other seemingly minor roofing issues, it is easy to put off having it fixed. However, small problems can quickly grow and become expensive to remedy. Get onto it while it’s a quick fix – Seven Roofing offers roof repairs Epping locals trust.

    Our fully insured and qualified roofing experts are ready to provide metal or tile roof leak repairs. We begin by carefully inspecting the problem areas and locating the issues that need to be addressed, even if they are not evident yet. We then use the best Australian-sourced quality products to repair the issues and leave your roof strong and weather-proof.

    Once we’ve completed your tile or metal roof repairs, you might notice your roof could use a fresh coat of paint. Seven Roofing also offers metal or tile roof painting that will elevate your Epping property’s value and aesthetic appeal.

    Roof Repairs & Restoration

    Roof Cleaning

    As time goes on, algae, moss or mould can build up in the crevices of your roof. While it might seem like a purely cosmetic issue, a dirty roof can cause lifting of tiles or metal joinery, which can be a more serious problem.

    For Seven Roofing’s roof cleaning services in Epping, we can clean tile or metal roofs using pressure cleaning, adjusting the strength and form of the jet to carefully and thoroughly remove all kinds of debris from the surface.

    Our technicians are all HIA members, which provides them access to the latest training courses and tools, meaning you’ll receive the best service possible.  We’re so confident that our results will be long-lasting that we offer a 10 year warranty on all services. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the results, we offer a money back guarantee.

    Roof Replacements Services

    Gutter Replacement & Cleaning

    A cluttered gutter can result in damage to walls and ceilings from overflowing water into wall spaces, pest infestation and more, so don’t leave it to chance! Seven Roofing’s gutter cleaning will keep Epping homes clean and homeowners safe. Roof falls are the cause of 75% of injuries from DIY home maintenance, so leave gutter and roof work to the professionals.

    Once your gutters are squeaky clean, we will inspect them and advise if you need gutter repairs or replacement. We are adamant about providing fixed upfront pricing with no hidden charges, so you can make an informed choice about using our services. We also believe everyone deserves a sturdy and safe home, which is why we offer payment plans.

    So whatever roofing services you’re searching for, Seven Roofing is the number one choice for Epping locals. To receive a free assessment and quote, call us on 0483 929 773 or submit an enquiry online.

    Roof Guttering
    Roof Guttering

    Why Residents In Epping Choose Seven Roofing?

    • 10 years warranty
      10 years
    • Payment plans
      Payment plans
    • Qualified & Insured
      Fully qualified &
      Insured Experts
    • Australian Sourced quality
      Australian Sourced
      quality products
    • Money Back Guarantee
      Money Back
    • HIA Members
    • Upfront Pricing
      Fixed Upfront Pricing
      No Hidden Charges
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    Why you need Roof Restoration in Epping?

    • Prolong the life of your roof
    • Dramatically improve the appearance of your home
    • Add value to your Epping property
    • Identify & solve problems in your roof early
    • Apply a change of a colour to your roof
    • Use new heat-reflecting paint technology available in Epping
    Seven Roofing

    Inspiring roof colour chart available in Epping

    Roofing Brands Available In Epping

    • Acegutters
    • Colorbond
    • Nutech
    • Starpoint