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    Roof Restoration & Replacement – Brunswick

    At Seven Roofing, we provide expert roof restoration, roof leak repairs and gutter restoration services for homes in Brunswick and across Melbourne.

    Over time, roofs can begin to degrade due to exposure to the tough Australian climate. You may be thinking that roof replacement is the best option, but Seven Roofing has an innovative solution that will save you time and money.


    Roof Restoration & Replacement Melbourne

    We offer roof restoration services for homes throughout Brunswick, providing residents with a fully restored roof without the cost and complexities of altering the internal structure. With our roof renovation services, you can pick a new exterior cladding while saving money and time on the expensive frame replacement.

    Our HIA member roofing technicians are highly skilled at inspecting frames for current and future issues, meaning while we are restoring your roof we can reinforce any structural problems, meaning your restoration will stand the test of time. We’re so confident in this that we offer a comprehensive 10-year warranty on all roof repairs and restoration.

    roof renovation services

    Roof Repairs and Painting

    If you’re a DIY junkie, you may be considering performing your own roof repairs. However, Brunswick locals should leave roof and gutter maintenance to the professionals. Every year around Australia, thousands of injuries occur due to falls from roofs.

    Seven Roofing’s highly qualified and fully insured roofers will come to your property and quickly fix tile or metal roof leaks, with repairs we guarantee to last. We will check the entirety of your roof for issues that have not yet become obvious, which means once your job is complete, you can rest assured that your roof will be structurally sound for years to come.

    Once your repairs are complete, you might be wanting a fresh coat of paint to complete the transformation and boost your property value. Seven Roofing also offers roof painting, with Brunswick homeowners able to pick from a variety of Australian-sourced weatherproof paint options for both metal and tile roof painting.

    Roof Repairs & Restoration

    Roof Cleaning

    A clean roof is a safe and healthy roof – it’s not just an aesthetic issue! With moss, algae and mould capable of lifting joins, breaking tiles and entering your roof cavity, it’s important to keep your roof squeaky clean. Seven Roofing’s roof cleaning services allow Brunswick residents to enjoy a spotless roof. We offer tile and metal roof pressure cleaning, varying the pressure to ensure your cladding isn’t broken or disturbed. We will inspect the state of your roof during the cleaning and alert you to any damage or issues.

    We are so confident that you’ll adore your clean and tidy roof that we offer a full money-back guarantee and a free follow-up to remedy any issues if required.

    Roof Replacements Services

    Gutter Cleaning

    Gutters stuffed with leaves, dirt and debris aren’t just unsightly, they can lead to damage to walls and ceilings, attract pests and lead to moisture damage to your foundation. It is essential to organise regular gutter cleaning and maintenance to keep your property in the best possible condition. If we find structural issues, we can recommend and provide gutter repairs and replacement as well.

    We know that people can be hesitant trusting tradies due to prior experiences of subpar services or hidden charges. We recognise this and strive to demonstrate the Seven Roofing difference, which is why we offer fixed pricing with no additional fees, a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, and payment plans to allow everyone access to our amazing services.

    So if you’re looking for a trustworthy, friendly and professional roofing provider, choose Seven Roofing. To organise an assessment, contact us on 0483 929 773 or via our website.

    Roof Guttering
    Roof Guttering

    Why Residents In Brunswick Choose Seven Roofing?

    • 10 years warranty
      10 years
    • Payment plans
      Payment plans
    • Qualified & Insured
      Fully qualified &
      Insured Experts
    • Australian Sourced quality
      Australian Sourced
      quality products
    • Money Back Guarantee
      Money Back
    • HIA Members
    • Upfront Pricing
      Fixed Upfront Pricing
      No Hidden Charges
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    Why you need Roof Restoration in Brunswick?

    • Prolong the life of your roof
    • Dramatically improve the appearance of your home
    • Add value to your Brunswick property
    • Identify & solve problems in your roof early
    • Apply a change of a colour to your roof
    • Use new heat-reflecting paint technology available in Brunswick
    Seven Roofing

    Inspiring roof colour chart available in Brunswick

    Roofing Brands Available In Brunswick

    • Acegutters
    • Colorbond
    • Nutech
    • Starpoint